Miami-Dade County has a standard menu which is available in all elementary schools. A well balanced hot lunch including milk and dessert is provided. A la carte items are available for pupils bringing their lunch. Milk, orange juice and orange juice bars are available.

Cafeteria manners and good habits are a part of our school instructional program. We reserve the right to suspend the cafeteria privileges of any child who creates unnecessary disturbances.  A child who forgets his lunch or lunch money or loses it will receive a box of cereal and milk in the cafeteria. (No money is available to loan for lunch charges.)

All students have the opportunity to pay a week in advance for their lunch. The prepayments are collected every Monday morning before 8:25 a.m. only. To participate, please send the teacher the correct amount of money in an envelope marked with the student’s name and room number. The cost for lunch is $2.25.

Parents who are in need of a reduced price or free lunch should submit an application to the school office or online.

All schools in M-DCPS offer a breakfast at no charge to all M-DCPS Students. The breakfast at no charge is not dependent on the student receiving free/reduced meals at lunch.  If good breakfast eating habits are encouraged early in life, then it will ensure good eating habits for a lifetime. Remember that your body is like a car, it needs "fuel" to keep on moving, so starting your day without breakfast is like starting your car without gas.